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Three tips to help you get the best out of email newsletters

A woman smiles while looking at her tablet.
A woman smiles while looking at her tablet.

Stop checking emails. You shouldn’t read emails unless you have to. Never subscribe to email newsletters — they’re useless.

You may see these tips in almost every list of productivity hacks.

And it’s true. Email notifications can destroy our concentration, and reading too many emails can be a waste of time.

I get it. I try to limit my time reading emails too. I don’t even check work emails on weekends unless there are urgent assignments from clients.

But here is my confession: I love emails, not work emails, but email newsletters. I actually schedule my time to read email…

I almost got it. But there are times when money isn’t too important anymore.

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When I started freelance marketing, I read a lot about other writers’ journey to succeed with this job, especially how much they have made from it.

Every time I saw posts highlighting “4k,” “5k,” or “10k” per month, I was thrilled. The thought “one day I’ll get that number” excited me all the time.

Somehow I believed I could do that.

And blessedly, I did.

Was I happy?

Yes. Making 5k a month from writing while staying at home and watching Netflix two hours a day was the most remarkable thing I ever accomplished. …

After two years of $80 an article.

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I’ve never forgotten how good it felt the first time I got paid $800 for a 1000-word post because I still get the buzz now.

As a new freelance writer, landing a high-paying client isn’t easy. In fact, it’s very challenging because no one believes in your writing skills and experience. You have a long way to find the first client who is willing to pay you hundreds of dollars for an 800- or 1000-ish word post.

You don’t have the confidence to raise your rates even though you feel like you’re undervaluing yourself. You don’t know how.

I get…

It means customers feel completely “in sync” with a brand

Close-up of logo on a Harley-Davidson.
Close-up of logo on a Harley-Davidson.

There are so many articles about brand awareness, brand equity, and brand loyalty, but just a few explaining brand resonance or the brand resonance model.

Is it because brand resonance doesn’t matter? The answer is the other way around.

Today, let’s talk about brand resonance: what it means, why marketers (and brands) should care, and how to build brand resonance.

What Is Brand Resonance?

Think about this: when something resonates with us, we connect with it on a very deep level.

Brand resonance is the same. …

A 6-step outline process that takes the headache out of your writing.

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Creating an outline is an important part of writing a good article because it ensures that your content is well-structured.

I didn’t know that when I started writing and doing freelance. After getting a brief from a client, I immediately jumped into researching and writing.

Even though that approach didn’t get me into any trouble/complaints from clients about structure, I felt stuck sometimes. More importantly, I had to take much time reading the content again and again to make sure it was logical and persuasive.

That’s why I decided to try outlining. Here’s what I do.

Step 1: Read the brief carefully

When I sit down…

Learn about micro-moments marketing, what it is, why it matters, and how you can implement it into your existing marketing strategy

A man in a mobility scooter next to a woman walking with a cane.
A man in a mobility scooter next to a woman walking with a cane.

Google introduced the term micro-moments in 2015, stating micro-moments are “game-changers for both consumers and brands.” Two years later, Convince and Convert mentioned “mapping customer micro-moments’’ as one of the seven hottest content marketing trends for 2017.

Fast forward to 2020, in the Meet The 2020 Consumers Driving Change report, IBM emphasizes consumer behaviors have fundamentally changed, and they’re now shopping in micro-moments.

“Rather than being a planned, discrete activity, shopping occurs whenever and wherever the mood strikes today’s always-on consumers — and this is increasing while they are doing something else. …

These Twitter accounts are some of the best writing/marketing minds out there.

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I love to learn from other writers, marketers, or anyone else. Because it shows me how much I don’t know and how much I need to learn every day.

Learning from others sparks me joy. In those exciting moments, I fill my brain with new thoughts, new ideas, and most of the time, new ways of thinking.

Learning from others is also how I taught myself how to write in English, become a freelance writer, build my websites, and do other things in my life.

Whenever I want to learn something new, I search for experts in that area, connect…

Including a list of powerful words that help bring emotions to your headlines.

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Medium is filled with so many posts about how to write a better headline. But what I want to talk about today isn’t just a headline. What I want to share is an “emotional headline.”

“Wait, wait. Emotional headline? Do you mean headlines convey feelings or get me emotional?”

I know what you’re thinking. That’s why I’ll cover the following in this post:

  • What is an emotional headline?
  • Why do emotional headlines work?
  • Use powerful words to create emotional headlines
  • Emotional headline analyzer tools
  • Where to get inspired to create emotional headlines

If you’re not familiar with emotional headlines or…

Prepare, start, practice, try, fail, commit, quit, rest, think, read, learn, share, exercise, meditate, speak, encourage, control, listen, believe, thank.

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For years, I’ve created a list of 20 verbs, which I call “20 Words to Success”. I push myself to remember them so I won’t give up on things easily. Believe it or not, they “saved” me many times.

Today, I’d love to share my “20 Words to Success” with you. Keep in mind that these words aren’t magic words like “Open Sesame” that helped unlock a den whenever Alibaba said it. They’re just normal words you might say all the time.

But the greatest thing about them is they remind you of being strong, determined, and persevere. …

A story of myself living in cloud cuckoo land.

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I started writing on Medium in Jan 2020.

The day I decided to do that, I read a lot of case studies on writers who are successful on this platform. By “successful,” I mean they’ve made 4K or at least a consistent, significant amount every month.

I dreamed of being one of those writers. For some reason, I believed I could.

Since Jan 2020, I’ve published 33 articles. I’ve made less than $5 a month.

These numbers told it all — I didn’t commit to make my dream a reality. And it’s true.

My determination on Medium was on and…

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